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AVP2 Game Installation

The Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch is only compatible with Windows XP and after, it is not recommended to be run with older Windows versions (i.e Windows ME, 98, 95)

AVP2 can be played strictly single player, and it can be patched to enable online play once again with the Master Server Patch. However the patch also adds fixes to enhance your single player experience as well, such as: NO CD crack, Widescreen Support, Bug Fixes. The Primal Hunt expansion's Online functionality is not supported at this time

Windows Installation

Easy Install w/ Latest MS patch

This is the easy install which will automatically install both the game and the Master Server patch for you, but is void of all the content of the All-In-One installation.

This install is compatible with Windows XP and newer

  • Execute the program that was downloaded (AVP2OnlinePackage.exe)
  • Click “NEXT” through the prompts that are given

The installation will then run the setup files from a temporary directory and execute them

When the installation asks if you want to install DirectX and GameSpy arcade, say no to both of the prompts. When the installation asks for Disc 1, just simply press 'OK'

Complete Install / All-in-One Install

This process is more involved but comes with more game content such as: AVP2 and the Primal Hunt expansion

  • Download the AVP2 AIO here
  • Unzip the downloaded package once download is complete
  • Navigate to \Unzipped Package\Aliens vs. Predator 2\Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Full Game

You should see two .ISO files in the directory named AVP2CD1.iso and AVP2CD2.iso


Do this for both files: Right click the file and press MOUNT

Press the Back button and repeat the same for the second file

You should see this in your Navigation menu:

Navigate to Disk1 and run “Setup.exe”, it is in the directory and has a computer icon

The game setup will now load and install the game. Remember to deny the DirectX and GameSpy prompts, as they are not needed (Installing them could break your game), and at the Disk prompts, navigate to Disk2, and then to Disk1 when it asks a second time

Your game is now installed. The default AVP2 directory is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2

The NO-CD Crack is needed to run the game without the install disc.

Navigate to \Unzipped Package\Aliens vs. Predator 2\Aliens vs. Predator 2 - No CD Crack\ and unzip the only file that is in there

You should see a lone AVP2.exe launcher present in the unzipped folder. Copy and Paste it to the AVP2 main directory (wherever you told the installer to install the game to)

It will ask if you want to overwrite the file “AVP2.exe”, click “YES

Your game will now be able to run without a CD mounted or in the disc tray


You will need an external ISO Mount program

Virtual CloneDrive is recommended


Download and run the setup file, found here: Latest MS Patch

Optional Installs for AIO Package Game Update (Recommended) - RUN SETUP (avp2_xx_096.exe)

Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Official Mod tools - RUN SETUPS IN ORDER (avp2tools.exe, avp2tools_update.exe, avp2tools_update2.exe)

Aliens vs. Predator 2 - SP & MP Map Updates - RUN SETUPS (avp2_en_mp1.exe, avp2_en_sp1.exe)

Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Primal Hunt Expansion - MOUNT (AVP2PHCD1.iso) and COPY NO-CD CRACK that is found in (

Linux Installation


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