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How To Install a Mod

This is a general guide on how to get any mod of your choice working on Aliens vs. Predator 2

Step 1: Download a Mod of Your Choice

It could be anything from a skin pack, a sound pack, or a texture pack

You can find mods in places like: KingSkins, RaptorRed's Skins, AVP2 GameFront Mirror

Step 2: Unpack The Downloaded Mod

Most mods will come packaged as either a .zip file, .rar file, or .7z file. You will need to unpack them with any file archive program of your choice. WinRAR or 7-Zip are the preferred choices from

For this example we will use the High Quality Pack 2.0 - High Resolution Textures pack.

Unpack the mod

After extraction you will see a .REZ file (Some mods such as UMP2 are stored in a simple folder, in this case, treat the folder itself as just a .REZ file)

In this instance it is called rgsnd3.rez.

Step 3: Moving the REZ file and Loading it Into the Game

Move the .REZ file into your main AVP2 directory, wherever you asked the game installer to install to (Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2)

Once the .REZ file is in place, open the AVP2 game launcher (AVP2.exe), Click Options. You will see a black command line in the window. This is where you will tell the game to load the mod. The proper syntax for loading any mod goes like this:

-rez filename.file

In this instance we will type this:

Also make sure to click the box labeled Always specify these command-line parameters so you don't have to re-type the command every time you launch the game. If loading more than one mod at a time, just leave a space between the previous entry, and start the next entry with -rez, for example:

Click OK and then Play


Your downloaded mod is now properly installed with the game.

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